Top 3 Reasons Why You NEED Business Cards In 2016

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Top 3 Reasons Why You NEED Business Cards In 2016
12076723395_fef08a852b_bThere are many rumors that print media is slowly fading away with all the new technology being offered. But that’s not the case. Business cards are not just tiny tangible items, they are the key to first impressions. Here are just a few reasons why you should still be using them in the digital age.


1. Lack of Nearby Resources 
It’s hard enough trying share your business line with the potential client you just connected with at Starbucks, especially when those resources aren’t around. Handing them a business card will ensure they get all your information.


2. Special Event
Swapping information digitally can be impersonal. Business cards are suppose to be your first impression on a potential client. You don’t want to ruin that by coming off as unprofessional. Always be prepared!


3. Time Crunch
You never know when you could be at the grocery store, a bar or even a dentist appointment and you spark up a conversation about your brand with a stranger. In these situations, you might not have time to pull out your phone and save their contact info. Business cards were designed for people on the go!


Before you swear off print forever, consider the facts. We will still be carrying business cards for many years to come.


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