Year in Review By Kodah & Charlie

Year in Review By Kodah & Charlie Charlie can you believe it….2017 is over! I cannot believe how fast 18 months has passed since we moved into our new shop. Yes I know Kodah, time has zoomed by and for us it means 126 months. I never have liked that 7X model. Who came up with that anyway? Yeah, it doesn’t seem fair 7 for us and 1 for them. But wow what a great year it has been! That’s for sure Charlie. The year started out great, one of the mildest winters ever. It really gave us a chance to enjoy playing outside without freezing our tails off. Yep Kodah and speaking of cool how about the cool Konica Minolta we got in. I love it Charlie. This added a whole new dimension to the shop and the production capabilities. And man can it produce! Yes it does Kodah, and with the added finishing capabilities that are on it, we produce booklets and print with speed and efficiency better that ever. Charlie I especially like the “Booklet Bob” attachment. Staple fold and trim…done! It gives us more time to chase the ball out back. I like it too Kodah, gives me a little extra nap time since we don’t have to do all the extra work in bindery. That reminds me Kodah, when are we getting the new massage beds we put in a requisition for? Charlie I think that got filed away in a special place. Maybe so Kodah but like I always say, if you don’t ask you don’t get. You know, since we have started a new budget year I think I will put in a new request. I think you will get the same answer…sorry Charlie. Charlie as much as I love seeing all the print work happening on the presses in the shop, the wide format department has been knocking out some really cool stuff as well. Man oh man, yes it has Kodah. This has been a great year producing cool signs, banners, and decals. That’s right Charlie. I think we should rename this department to the “Visual Communication Department”. It seems more appropriate than “wide format”. We are literally able to put a client’s branding and messaging almost anywhere. With all the cool new materials we have available today, it is simply amazing what we can do. Kodah how about “Cool Stuff Department”?...

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Die-Cut & Embossed Marketing Pieces

The possibilities are endless when it comes to die-cutting and embossing here at Steele Creek Printing & Design. Recently, we created a custom die-cut business card for Marr Construction. (Image below) This custom business card was printed offset and then put on our die-cutting machine, the Kluge, which we also use for foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and custom scoring.   We can also create custom marketing pieces such as the image below, NCHARRP’s Annual Report, this custom piece has three die-cut circles with the year embossed on the front cover.   Let us help fully customize your next marketing piece!...

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Announcing Our Newest Addition

Steele Creek Printing has added an additional digital press to meet your printing needs. We believe that the Konica Minolta bizhub Press will bring you Quality, Fast Turns, and Price Competitiveness. We will be releasing a series of videos on the bizhub capabilities in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Please click the YouTube button below to view an introduction to the bizhub Press....

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