Experiential Marketing

Are you looking for new ways to market your business?

Then you have to take a look at the Highly Unique Marketing Vehicle (HUMV) utilizing a custom-built multi-media platform.

In today’s marketing environment you need  “engage your audience.” Most marketers have taken this to heart when it comes to social media but have forgotten how to engage prospects in the real world.

Steele Creek is proud to now be offering daily and weekly rentals on the next evolution of interactive marketing – the HUMV.

Whether you sponsor golf tournaments, have a charity booth, attend trade shows or you are hosting your own event, the HUMV gets you noticed.



HUMV Graphic

What exactly is a HUMV?

They are self-powered, high-tech, multimedia presentation stages. HUMV represent you and your brand extremely well. Each HUMV is equipped with standard features and is customizable to meet your specific needs.

Here are five phenomenal reasons to try out a HUMV at your next event:

  • Engaging – Promote your brand with a custom design and multimedia features that fully engage the crowd!
  • Experiential – Collect valuable marketing data from fans and event attendees
  • Entertaining – Create a lasting impressions that keeps them asking…”How can we get this for our event?”
  • Mobile – Engage crowds anywhere – inside or out – with ease and flexibility
  • Customizable – Choose the design and features that fit your specific needs

The HUMV is interactive mobile marketing at it’s best! Inside, outside and anywhere in between, we can add life to your event with a HUMV rapid activation.

For more information or to demo a HUMV contact us at (704) 697-1755.



Charles is on location to show you what the H.U.M.V. does and can do for your company! 





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