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As we move forward in today’s social media environment, we cannot forget that getting direct and personal is not  a wasted effort. Direct mail campaigns, done correctly,  can catch the potential client’s eye and draw them into a call to action.

Five tips to help your direct mail campaign succeed:

1. Cultivate the perfect list and craft targeted messaging. Make every piece count. Identify your target audience and create a message to fit each target appropriately. Continually refining your data for more campaigns, to create successful future campaigns.

2. Personalize content and be personal. With digital printing it is easier than ever to personalize a mail piece. Use their name, their company, interest and any relevant information in your data base for a responsive campaign.

3. Be specific with your call to action, and focus on just one. Be clear about your call to action, make it easy for the potential client to see and want to pursue. 

4. Include a way to track performance, then test and measure what works. Ensure that your efforts are not wasted on your campaign. Make sure to include text or a number on your direct mail piece so that you can track your campaign performance. A good way to do this is to include a promotional code or to ask “How did you learn about us?”. 

5. Continually optimize and be consistent with direct mail efforts. Going back to number one, you want to continually refine your data for each campaign. Prepare, Test, Measure, Analyze, Modify and Repeat. These steps are to ensure a successful direct mail piece campaign.

Our sales reps are well versed in what it takes to make a successful direct mail campaign.  Want to learn more?  Give us a call or drop us an e-mail – we can show you ways to make your direct mail campaign a great success!

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